Three Farmers Camelina Oil in The Dietitian's Kitchen

Tristaca Curley, MSc, RD is founder of Fueling With Food, based in Kelowna, BC. A nationally recognized nutritionist, Tristaca has made over 100 media appearances in outlets including Chatelaine, Todays Parent, Elle, CTV and CBC television. She is a university instructor, busy mom, and self-professed foodie.

Three Farmers Camelina oil is my go-to oil for cooking, marinades, and dressings. I first stumbled upon Camelina oil when my second son was diagnosed with an allergy to my breast milk at 5 months old and was switched to formula. Knowing how crucial omega-3 is for brain development and that he was no longer getting that from my breast milk, I sought out a source that would taste good, be versatile enough to add to his formula and then to his food when he was eating solids, and not contain any GMOs. Enter Three Farmers Camelina Oil, extremely high in omega-3 and vitamin E, yet stable at high heats.

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