Our Farm Philosophies and On-Farm Practices


The farm operations behind Three Farmers products are truly holistic in nature and continuously choose to follow sustainable approaches to agriculture. Our farmers’ day to day activities take into account the ecological, economic, social and political parameters that are affected in all stages of food production. We see sustainable farm practices as a constant evolution. We believe that consumers are now, more than ever, demanding the use of natural, premium processing. And therefore, it is through our company’s strict adherence to special, customized on-farm activities and processing procedures that Three Farmers is able to continue to deliver high quality foods to Canadian consumers and food industry operators. Three Farmers places great value on ecological assets and believes in utilizing them in the most effective and efficient manner possible. Ecologically, Three Farmers strives to reduce the negative environmental externalities naturally created by agriculture, protect local ecosystems and preserve the biodiversity of their growing regions. We do this by implementing zero tillage farming techniques and customizing our crop nutrition plans to fit the specific needs of our soils and plant life. Our farmers’ crop rotation techniques allow for the preservation of the soil structure and cessation of any excessive depletion of soil nutrients. Furthermore, Three Farmers has revived the ancient farming technique of inter-cropping (the practice of growing two or more crops in the same field at one time). In doing so, each crop gives the other what it needs in terms of nutrients while maintaining the natural integrity of the soil. Socially and politically, we know that consumers want to know now, more than ever, where their food comes from and where possible, to exercise the ability to hold those who produce it accountable. Uniquely to this product industry, Three Farmers has created our own product tracing program. The program has been extremely successful to date and allows us the ability to answer any questions, direct with consumers and/or industry contacts. After purchasing a product, consumers can simply enter the product code (found on the side of the bottle) in the tracking section provided on our website. By following these simple steps, consumers will find out exactly who made that specific bottle of oil – with such additional details as when and where.

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